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February 2, 2001

Taisho to Release Lorcam Tablets:
Fast-dissolving Oxicam-derived NSAID

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) has announced that Lorcam tablets (generically, "lornoxicam"), an oxicam-derived nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for the relief of pain, are scheduled for market release at the end of February 2001. Manufacturing approval was granted on December 22, 2000, but the announcement was delayed until a retail price could be finalized.

Slow absorption and slow metabolism in the body's system has been a conventional shortcoming with oxicam-derived NSAID products. Taisho overcame this with its quick-release technology. The proprietary technique enables active ingredients to be fully absorbed into the bloodstream in 30 to 40 minutes after ingestion (when taken on an empty stomach). Lorcam tablets are also fast acting. With increased metabolization and a shorter absorption half-life, Lorcam is also safe and effective for the elderly, as well as for patients with a history of digestive trouble.

Lornoxicam, first developed in 1977 by F. Hoffman-La Roche, Ltd., offered greater pain-relief and anti-inflammatory capabilities than had previously been available with such products. With faster absorption into the bloodstream from Taisho's quick-release know-how, Lorcam can deliver rapid pain relief for post-operative discomfort. Favorable metabolism rates also ensure that this product will remain effective in treating chronic pain in conditions such as chronic rheumatism.

In 1985, Chemie Linz (now Nycomed Pharma AS) began aggressively developing international markets for the product, which is now availableor has been approved for sale-in more than 20 countries around the world.

In Japan, Taisho in-licensed lornoxicam in 1988. Taisho acquired a patent for "quick-dissolving tablet medicines" in April 1999. By supplying Nycomed Pharma with the patented technology, Taisho anticipates significant global penetration for quick-release lornoxicam tablets.

Product Overview
Product name Lorcam 2mg tablet, Lorcam 4mg tablet
Generic name lornoxicam
Classification dangerous drugs, designated drug
1. Treatment for inflammation and pain in the following conditions:
chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, lumbago, brachialgia, shoulder joint inflammation.
2. Treatment of inflammation and pain following surgery, injury or tooth extraction.
(corresponding to the above conditions)
1. Adults should take one 4 mg tablet orally, three times daily following meals. Dosage can vary with age and circumstances, but should not exceed 18 mg daily.
2. Adults should take one single 8 mg dosage. Daily intake should be limited to 24 mg, and period of medication should not exceed 3 days. Avoid medicating on an empty stomach.
Date of manufacturing approval December 22, 2000.
Date of price finalization February 2, 2001.
Date of release Late February 2001.
Suggested retail pricing Lorcam 2 mg tablet, 20.10 yen (per tablet)
Lorcam 4 mg tablet, 31.50 yen (per tablet)
Packaging PTP (push-through packaging): 100-, 1000- and 3000-tablet packages (for both dosage strengths)
Loose: 1000 tablets
Manufacturer and distributor Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.