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November 1, 2000

Taisho offers Internet-Based Information Service with Maps of Pharmacies and Drug Stores

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) announced that it will commence a new Internet service from November 1, 2000. The new service will introduce Taisho products and take advantage of a map service with the locations of pharmacies and drug stores throughout Japan.

Initially, the service will be available on Taisho's Nourish series of skincare products. This information will be placed on (Japan Life Design Systems,URL: as a banner advertisement. was launched as a healthcare information site in October 2000. It has proven extremely popular with consumers, receiving almost 2,000 hits (accesses) daily.

Customers who access the banner ad receive the newest Taisho product information and general data about skincare. In addition, using the advanced map function featured on the website, users can receive the address of the nearest drug store where Nourish products are available. Users simply input their home address, company address, the name of the nearest railroad station, or the name of a specific store to be searched. It is also possible to order products using the on-line shopping page if users cannot find a drugstore carrying a particular item in their designated area.

From November 2000 to January 2001, Taisho will conduct a promotional campaign with a questionnaire about skincare. People who fill in and return the questionnaire will be eligible to win gifts such as free trips to Bali and Singapore, and a Hi-Vision TV with a built-in satellite broadcast tuner.

This information service represents one of Taisho's customer-support measures involving both the Internet and retail distributors. There are few examples of similar services on the websites of other manufacturers. It is also a new business model focusing on consumer convenience.

In the future, Taisho plans to continue efforts to actively apply information technology in the promotion of its products and businesses.