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March 28, 2000

New OTC Pharmacology Endowment Lecture Series Established at Nihon University

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (President: Akira Uehara) has approved an endowment lecture series on OTC Pharmacology to be held by the Nihon University Post-Graduate Pharmacological Research Center. Sponsored by Taisho, the lecture series will begin in April.

The OTC Pharmacology (Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) endowment lecture series will address a topic that is vital to current-day Japan, the development of self-medication. This course will involve systematic research on OTC drugs, with the aim of improving the level of university research and education in this area. Taisho's corporate philosophy describes its goal of "fostering self-medication." To further this aim, the Company will endow Nihon University with a grant of 50 million yen to help defray the costs of conducting this lecture series over a five-year period.

In recent years, people have become more aware of the need to "preserve their own health," hence the demand for self-medication is increasing. Given this situation, Taisho believes there is a need to educate students about the importance of this field by establishing a university course in OTC pharmacology. The course is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge and education in OTC pharmacology by initiating systematic research into OTC drugs.

Taisho actively supports educational development in the field of pharmacology. In 1995, we established an endowment lecture series at Osaka University on pharmacological medicine entitled Clinical Pharmacology - the combination of clinical testing and evaluation that combines medicine and pharmacology.

Professor Hiroshi Saito, one of the professors in charge of the newly endowed course at Nihon University, is a renowned researcher in the field of OTC drugs. Professor Shikifumi Kitazawa, who is also in charge of the course, has extensive experience in the field of university education, as the head of a university hospital's pharmacy section, and is a member of the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council and the International Pharmaceutical Association.

The Nihon University Post-Graduate Pharmacological Research Center Endowment Lecture Series
Formal name OTC Pharmacology Endowment Lecture Series (Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Location Nihon University Post-Graduate Pharmacological Research Center
Professor in Charge Hiroshi Saito
Guest Lecturer Shikifumi Kitazawa
Endowment 50 million yen (over a five-year period)
Duration April 2000 - March 2005