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Contribution to Cultural Activities

Sports builds a foundation for health. Art contributes to the enrichment of life. We provide support for a variety of community cultural activities.

Sporting Contributions

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. ltd. has been an official sponsor of Japan's national rugby team since September 2001. We also promote sports through such activities as sponsoring international little leagues baseball tournaments in hopes of promoting youth friendships that cross boarders and boundaries.

Cultural Contributions

Uehara Museum of Modern Art

The Uehara Museum of Modern Art was opened in the city of Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture in the spring of 2000. The museum displays a wide collection of artworks including paintings by Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso, and by Japanese painters Kawai Gyokudo, Ito Shinsui, Umehara Ryuzaburo and Yasui Sotaro, as well as works by Italian sculptors Manzu and Marini. The museum also invites specialists to offer lectures and workshops as part of its cultural activities and programs, helping to enhance the cultural activities of the area.

Uehara Museum of Buddhism Art

The Uehara Museum of Buddhism Art was opened in May 1983 to help ordinary people learn about the magnificence and depth of Buddhist art. The museum displays hundreds of wooden statues and houses numerous resource materials. The Uehara Museum is one of the few museums in Japan specializing in Buddhist art. It also conducts seminars and workshops as well as copying of statues and sutras.

*The Uehara Museum of Buddhist Art is currently closed for renovation. The museum is scheduled to reopen in the fiscal year ending March 2018. Please follow the link for details.

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